Relaxing Tracks for Dog Anxiety

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Here’s another album which can help treat your pet’s anxiety problems. You can read more about anxiety in the post I wrote a few weeks ago.

50 Relaxing Tracks for Dog Anxiety
Pet Therapy

You can also buy it on iTunes and on the others online stores:

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Preparing for the arrival of a new pup!

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Today’s post will be about preparing for a new pup! Even if you’re adopting a senior dog or buying a tiny puppy from a breeder, there are a few things you’ll need. In my opinion, it’s best to prepare everything before the dog arrives since meeting a new family and home is a very stressful process. There are tons of new scents and sounds which may scare the dog so let’s try our best to bring him into a calm environment.


  1. Dog bed/Dog Crate – Based on your dog’s needs buy a bed or a crate and create his corner. The bed should be placed in a spot which will allow the pet to be safe and pretty close to the owners. If you are crate training your dog than try to make it as cozy as possible. The crate should be a happy and relaxing place for your dog. You can make it nice by adding a dog mat or a blanket and pillow. You can also place your pup’s toys on the bed so that he has even more positive memories with his corner!
  2. Bowls – Be sure to 2 bowls for your pup. One for food and one for water. Some people also prefer to own 3 bowls (dry food, wet food, and water). I would recommend buying the size of the bowls based on your dog’s breed and needs. The water bowl should be bigger since you loved one should always have a supply of fresh water and shouldn’t be made out of stainless steel since it may leave a metallic taste. In my opinion, ceramic bowls are the best since they are heavy and hard to move around, pretty durable and usually have cute designs, which is always a plus!
  3. Leash and Collar/Harness – A leash is a must for everyday walks, but not all dogs suit a harness. In my opinion, a harness works wonders for small/medium sized breeds but it all depends on the way your work with your pup! Especially if you’re adopting I honestly recommend sticking to what your dog knows already. Stronger and larger breeds walk better in collars since it’s easier for you to manage the dog. The next question is if you should buy a retractable leash or a regular one. This also depends on the size of your dog and the way he is trained or will be trained. If you’re just starting out on walking your dog I would buy a regular leash which isn’t too long so the pup learns to walk close to you. As you make progress try giving the dog more and more space but if it’s pulling than go back to the shorter one. Big breeds should also have a regular leash since the retractable ones usually have a weight limit. There’s always a bigger chance that a strong breed will break the retractable leash and run away or get into a dangerous situation. Try consulting the breeder/adoption center and ask what they recommend for your dog.
  4. Food and Snacks – This is only based on the breed of your dog, his medical conditions and what method is best for feeding you pup. Try to do some research online based on the size, breed and what the breeder/rescue center told you about the pup and it’s diet. Don’t forget to get some snacks as well!
  5. Toys – You won’t be with your pup 24/7 so be sure to leave him a few toys. He also wants to have fun while being alone! I recommend buying a Kong since it’s a toy that makes you dog think and work on to get the treat! You should also have some fetch toys for playing outdoors and maybe a pull toy which you can use with your pup!
  6. Brush and Comb/Toothpaste/Shampoo – All of these things will help keep your doggy clean and healthy! Be sure to shampoo your pup and brush his teeth! This will really help keep their teeth nice and healthy! Also remember to brush his fur at least once a week! If you have a longhaired pup you should brush daily 🙂


These are just the basic things you should prepare before welcoming a new member to your family in order to make him comfortable! I’m sure you’ll meet your pup’s need along the way but I think this is pretty helpful for the start. Let me know in the comments below!


Your pets want to be calm and happy!

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I’ve decided to get back into writing on this blog! Many of your pets suffer with anxiety problems, stress and fear so I thought it would be a good idea to share my tips on dealing with that! I would like to show you what music does to animals and how it helps to solve behavioral problems. There will be many posts coming soon but for now take a look at this youtube video including my music!  Just click on the photo below!

cat day

See you soon friends!